A Special Message from the Filmmakers of “Elemental”

Thanks for coming out to see Elemental in Ashland. In the face of so many big and destructive fires, we can easily feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. We hope that Elemental speaks for fire survivors, firefighters and all the amazing people who work on fire recovery. We hope it empowers you and your community to better prepare for fire in the future.
At all our screenings, we have tried to listen, learn and share additional perspective on the film. We were asked to pull together frequently asked questions and post them along with answers on the Elemental website. We have done so, and soon we will be adding a section with bios on experts and key studies.
We continue to bring the film directly to more fire impacted communities and survivors and plan to release the film via streaming next year so that millions of people can watch and reimagine their relationship with fire. We would love to hear your personal reaction and reflections on the film. What did you take away from it? What surprised you? What would you like to learn more about? You can do so directly via the Elemental website here:
In community,
Director Trip Jennings
Director Sara Quinn
Producer Ralph Bloemers


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