Recovery Mapping

The Almeda Fire Loss & Recovery Dashboards use geographic information system (GIS) technology, public building permit data from across jurisdictions, and other available information to visualize our wildfire recovery. FRC created a visual way to navigate the recovery on a community and neighborhood level, as well as track other useful information—including affordable and accessible housing projects in development—over a span of months and years. 

We invite you to explore the dashboards below to find rebuilding data, search information about upcoming housing projects that serve survivors, and better understand impacts to the business community. We know that our community has been shaped by this disaster. Our dashboards hopefully provide a way to understand this new shape as it develops.

Residential Recovery Dashboard

This dashboard focuses on the rebuild of residential units in the wake of the Almeda Fire. Community members can click on a Recovery Zone in the map to understand the unique situation of that particular neighborhood, and then find statistics about the specific community type (single/multi- family residential, agricultural/rural residential, or business). After choosing your Recovery Zone or city boundary, the map will navigate to that area and the information in the dashboard will update showing data relevant to the area selected. This dashboard references public building permit data, Jackson County loss data, and building status data collected in the field by our team and gathered by the Zone Captains program.

Housing Projects Dashboard

This dashboard shows current and upcoming housing developments, including permanent, transitional, temporary, and survivor-prioritized projects. After clicking on a housing project from the list, the map will navigate to the location of that project with a pop-up that includes details about the housing project, eligibility, timeline for completion, and the housing type provided. Users also have the option to open and close additional data layers within the map, including active vs, inactive projects, and market-rate vs. affordable projects.

Economic Recovery Dashboard

Our new Economic Recovery Dashboard helps to visualize the recovery of businesses within the burn scar. Users can see where businesses were most heavily impacted, search for a business, and see their current status of operation. Folks interested in understanding the devastating impacts of the Almeda Fire to our workforce, business sectors, and local economy can access information using the “widget” on the bottom right. The information displayed here was provided by an initial post fire survey done by Business Oregon and SOREDI, as well as our Regional Economist. Any information about new businesses or recovered businesses was gathered by Firebrand Resiliency Collective during field observation.

If you are a business owner and see any information that you know to be incorrect or out of date, please reach out to Alec Bayarsky at to help us provide the most up-to-date information about our valley’s recovery.

If you are still having trouble navigating the dashboards, use the button to the left or the contact form below to email our dashboard team. Describe your issue, or the information you are after, and we will figure it out together! We’re here to help!

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Recovery Mapping