Roots of Resilience Campaign

Building Stronger Communities, One Donation at a Time!

Why Support Roots of Resilience?

Firebrand Resiliency Collective was founded in the aftermath of the 2020 Almeda Fire, aiming to support communities in long-term recovery, resilience, and preparedness. Our Roots of Resilience campaign embodies this mission. This Giving Tuesday, you have a unique opportunity to plant a seed of resilience in communities that have weathered disasters in our region.

Your Impact: Your generous donation powers FRC's CORE programs:

Your generous contribution supports essential programs like the Zone Captains, empowering fire survivors to support other fire survivors through resource navigation, social connection, subject matter expertise, and interagency referrals. Over the last 3 years, this program has touched thousands.

Fire is here to stay and so we are, your contribution could support our transformative community preparedness program Ready NOW that combines community organizing frameworks, wildfire education, and resource navigation to engage rural and urban neighborhood leaders and watershed communities in Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Your support can sustain the Loss & Recovery Project, a data-driven storytelling initiative that helps residents and recovery partners engage with progress and understand the resource gaps and inequalities inherent to recovery.

Making a Difference: By the Numbers

In just the last 18 months, we have engaged with 1,600 community members at public events. Our Zone Captains have facilitated 792 crucial referrals, connecting survivors to partner agencies for essential resources. With the expertise of two bilingual staff members and a team trained in trauma-informed care, we have expanded our reach to serve vulnerable sub-populations—such as seniors, individuals with limited language proficiency, and displaced migrant workers. Your generous donation can help us extend these vital services even further.

“As we watch the colors begin to change and feel Summer pass into Fall, we can only marvel at all the change and growth that 2023 has brought so far. One thing that doesn’t change, however, is FRC’s commitment to making a positive impact in our community through our programs and partnerships. With your support, we can continue to work towards our goals of individual and community recovery from wildfire as well as neighbors and neighborhoods that are more prepared for the future. Let’s keep making a difference together!”



                                                                         ~ Tucker Teutsch III, FRC’s Executive Director

”Zone Captain Meetups are one of the few places that feel available to me and safe for me to share freely about a severe ongoing emotionally traumatic experience. Other survivors help me to feel heard and understood. It’s also the only place that has been available on a consistent basis since the fire. These meetings offer a much needed anchor in a sea of unpredictable and chaotic change. They provide much needed camaraderie and more. Meetups have helped me gain access to crucial housing updates, resources, and connections. It is a trusted place for information sharing, and steady leadership! This has been paramount to my recovery & regaining some stability. The Zone Captain themselves are empathetic, supportive and responsive. Cass Cornwell has placed humanity back into what previously was a "paper before people" (and sometimes outrageously inhumane ) process.”
Lisa Byrne
Almeda Fire Survivor


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Roots of Resilience Campaign