Almeda Fire Loss & Recovery Project

What is the loss & recovery project?

The Loss & Recovery Project is a data-driven mapping and storytelling effort that attempts to illuminate the other side of disaster: How do communities recover after a wildfire? With our Recovery Dashboard, FRC developed a visual way to navigate the recovery on a community and neighborhood level, with real-time recovery tracking over the months and years to come. We know that our community has been shaped by this disaster. Our Dashboard provides a way to understand this shape as it develops.

Data-driven storytelling

We’ve learned a lot from watching the Dashboard change over time, and now it’s time to tell some stories! we believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between a community’s response to disaster and the capabilities of geospatial data that is worth exploring, in order to create a human connection to a very complex recovery. Our first StoryMap explained our journey in creating the Dashboard. Our second effort, still in development, takes a deep dive into Mountain View Estates, a 55 and older Manufactured Housing Park as it attempts to weave its community back together. We want to illustrate larger trends in the recovery, illuminate the specific barriers our elders face in disasters, and also talk about some of the resources they’ve been able to access that have been most beneficial to their recovery. Through story with a human connection, we hope to allow survivors to see themselves as agents of their own destiny, and those who were unaffected by the fire to remain engaged with the progress of recovery. We plan to share this with you soon, and please watch this space for more stories to come!

How the dashboard works

The Dashboard uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to organize layers of information into visualizations using maps, public data, and community surveys. By exploring the Dashboard, you can find targeted information about specific neighborhood types within the Almeda Fire area.

What’s happening in your neighborhood?

Community members can click on their Recovery Zone in the map to understand the unique situation of that particular neighborhood, and then find statistics about the specific community type (single/multi- family residential, agricultural/rural residential, or business). For example, you will be able to navigate to your neighborhood to find rebuilding data, recovery information, upcoming housing projects, damage details, and impacts to the business community. With this unique capability, the Almeda Fire Loss and Recovery Dashboard can reveal deeper insights into data—such as patterns, relationships, and situations—helping multiple stakeholders make smarter decisions.

This year, we are expanding the Loss & Recovery Project to include not only the Dashboard, but also multimedia storytelling that explores the past, present, and future of our local recovery. Stay tuned and visit frequently, and meanwhile, you can explore the dashboard  or learn more about the creation of this tool here.


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