Recovery Dashboard

What is the loss & recovery project?

We believe wildfire survivors and recovery partners need easy access to information—with solid metrics to track recovery. FRC has developed a visual way to navigate the recovery on a community level. We call this tool the Almeda Fire Loss and Recovery Dashboard.

how it works

The Dashboard uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to organize layers of information into visualizations using maps, public data, and community surveys. By exploring the Dashboard, you can find targeted information about specific neighborhood types within the Almeda Fire area.

what's happening in your neighborhood?

Community members can click on their Recovery Zone in the map to understand the unique situation of that particular neighborhood, and then find statistics about the specific community type (single/multi- family residential, agricultural/rural residential, or business). For example, you will be able to navigate to your neighborhood to find rebuilding data, recovery information, upcoming housing projects, damage details, and impacts to the business community. With this unique capability, the Almeda Fire Loss and Recovery Dashboard can reveal deeper insights into data—such as patterns, relationships, and situations—helping multiple stakeholders make smarter decisions.

exploring the dashboard

We invite you to learn more about the Loss and Recovery Dashboard by exploring it right here, right now! You are welcome to jump right in, and if you get lost (we know, it’s a lot!), feel free to find some help from our staff below the map.

tutorials? yes!

If you are still having trouble navigating the dashboard, use the button to the left or the contact form below to email our dashboard team. Describe your issue, or the information you are after, and we will figure it out together! We’re here to help!

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