News Flash!

We interrupt your scroll with some EXCITING news!
Firebrand Resiliency Collective is opening a Community Resource Center! This space will be open to the fire-impacted community to access resources, Zone Captains, & social support! But wait…there’s more!
In an effort to make this new space as welcoming as we know it will be, we have a wish list of items that you can donate:
🔹 Kitchen table/counter (36″ tall)
🔹 Trash bins
🔹 Rugs
🔹 Lamps
🔹 Conference table & chairs
🔹 Picnic table
🔹 2 Whiteboards
🔹 Desks & tables
🔹 Chairs
🔹 Sandwich board
If you have any of the above that we can take off your hands for a great cause, please email:
Many thanks in advance for your generosity as we continue our efforts toward long-term recovery!


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