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Our Mission

Firebrand Resiliency Collective supports community solutions for long-term recovery, resilience, and preparedness in the face of natural disasters.

Our Programs

Zone Captains

The Almeda Fire Zones Captains program empowers and employs fire-affected residents to make their communities’ needs known, share resources, and advocate for their community as key stakeholders with decision makers. Since launching the program last year with our partners, Zone Captains have become an integral part of our Valley’s recovery: speeding up the rebuild while reducing costs, creating equity, and integrating mental health services in support of community resilience. We accomplished so much in 2021, and the work will continue. Visit the program website here and connect with your community today!

Loss and Recovery Project

Who is rebuilding? Who is already back home? What are the plans for the businesses affected by the fire, and when can we expect the affordable housing to land? Firebrand Resiliency Collective has launched the Almeda Fire Loss & Recovery Dashboard to help answer these very questions. The Dashboard is a visual, map-based portal of information that provides an intuitive way to understand recovery on a neighborhood and community level.  Explore our community’s recovery today.


The Ready NOW program is a community preparedness program that operates from the bottom-up. Firebrand Resiliency Collective has been dedicated to serving the fire-impacted population of Southern Oregon since 2020, and has put in considerable effort to assist the communities devastated by the Labor Day fires. Ready NOW is an extension of this experience, aimed at helping other communities prepare for potential fires. Drawing from the lessons learned in recent years, Ready NOW is an initiative that broadens our service to include at-risk rural communities. 

Support Our Mission​

Achieving our mission would not be possible without the continued support of our local community, dedicated foundations, private donors, government agencies, and the countless others who continue to reinforce our approach to community resilience. Together, we can overcome the many obstacles of wildfire recovery on the path to restoration. Please, consider supporting our work today.​

Firebranding: In the News

Recovery Bus Tour

We had an amazing Bus Tour last Wednesday! The FRC Recovery Bus Tour was a tremendous success, all thanks to the wonderful participation of everyone

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